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meet the 
CHICCHE language team!


Turning Lemons Into Limoncello!

In 2020, when Italy was in COVID lockdown, these two Tuscan neighbors, whose homes are 100 meters apart, started brainstorming ways they turn their passion for language into a full-time career.

From their tiny village of 40 residents in Tuscany, with plenty of pandemic time on their hands, they launched

"CHICCHE LANGUAGE" (pronounced: "Kee-Kay") in November of 2020.

Over 1,000 Instagram videos later, @ChiccheGram has more than 50k Followers and is growing faster than ever!  

Vera and Irene are now offering online "one-on-one" coaching, group classes and long-term coaching for Italian!

Meet Us

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I come from northern Italy, but I moved to Tuscany because I was in love with this quaint, picture-perfect region.

I am a literary translator from English and Spanish into Italian, I am a tour guide, and I love learning languages. I’m serious, I love studying languages, so much so that I took a private Dutch course in the Netherlands just for the fun of it!


I was born and raised in a tiny village in Tuscany, and this is the one place I will always call home. I thrive on many interests and passions, and I love languages. I speak English and Spanish, but I always watch movies and TV series in their original language (with Italian subtitles) because I love hearing the many sounds of the world!

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